Monday, September 19, 2011


My husband had a birthday this past weekend.

My daughter has a birthday this week.

The difference this year is no cards will be coming from Pops, Josh's beloved grandfather.

We lost Pops last month, we really didn't loose him, he went to join his Heavenly Father and I can't blame him one bit.

But tonight when I checked the mail it dawned on me, no more cards from this amazing man.

Pops was great with his card sending. Sometimes they'd come a day or two late but he never forgot us. He had the incredible ability to find cards for "my granddaughter-in-law," "grandson and his wife," and of course, "to his great-granddaughters!" Cards I never knew were made, he'd find. And they always had the perfect sentiment or wit.

I don't think he ever sent a card without some personal inscription and I always enjoyed reading the inscriptions aloud, mostly because I could always hear his voice coming through his written words.

I will miss this gracious man, I will miss his phone calls, I will miss his cards. I will miss the way he doted on my children.

I miss you, Pops, but take comfort knowing I will get to see you again.