Monday, October 31, 2011

Goals: A Beginning

I was once a very goal oriented individual and I still enjoying finding old journals with my goals for that season of life written out. I especially enjoy discovering the goals I've accomplished.

Currently, in this stage of life {having roughly 8 weeks until my due date with baby #3} my goals have gone a bit to the wayside as I've simply been trying to survive the day to day without pulling out my hair or turning into Momma Monster with the girls act like, well, a 2 year-old and a 5 year-old. But as time is drawing near I've been needing to put pen to paper {or fingers to keys as it were} and get back on a goal track so when this little boy does make his arrival I will be {somewhat} ready.

My dear friend, Ally has proposed a goal challenge and Jaime and I are joining her. I love the support and accountability inherent in an individualized group journey.

On to my goals.


Recurring goals {items needed to be completed daily, weekly or monthly}:

Read my Bible daily!

Create and stick to a house cleaning/maintenance schedule. Enlist the children's help. {They really do enjoy cleaning}

Create and stick to a prayer schedule. {Praying for specific groups of people each day}

Complete monthly budget before the beginning of the month so Josh and I can have budget meetings.

Take weekly "field trips," even if it's just to the back yard, to study something pertaining to that week's lesson.

Short term goals {in no specific order}:

Finish the baby's room. {His changing table is B's dresser, thus I need to get B a new dresser!}

Organize B's schooling, still allowing for flexibility.

Be debt free! {Yes, this is short term! Thanks to Dave Ramsey this should be completed within the next couple months!}

Blog more.

Get B back on a chore/commission work schedule.

Beginning with the Spring semester {I have to allow some time to figure out how to be a mom of 3} take at least one class per semester.

Memorize scripture.

Reduce TV time! I would like to reduce the amount of evening TV time too, but I do need to discuss it with Josh {I'm sure he'll support the idea.}

Have company over, couples over for a game night or something. I've got to get over this not-quite fear of hosting.

Get on an exercise routine.

Clean out garage.

Eat out less.

Plan a date night with my hubby! I'd like to do this monthly but with work schedules and life in general I'll accept every other month or so.

Reorganize all closets and storage areas in the house, make better use of them.

Reduce the girls' toys to about half. I'd like to complete this before Christmas!

Long term goals:

Maintain "gazelle intensity" and save up enough money for {hopefully} a 50% down payment on a house once Josh retires and figure out where we're going to live.

Finish degree.

Learn a foreign language. I'm currently learning Latin with B but would like to be fluent in a commonly spoken language as well.