Thursday, December 24, 2009

Ramble: Praise the Lord, Great Company!

Tuesday the 22nd was a GREAT day! (I know, I'm a little late posting this.)

The day started early for my dear husband who took the van into the shop first thing in the morning for what we knew would be about $1,000.00 worth of work. We have been saving for these repairs for a couple months.

A bit later in the morning, as I was straightening up the house for my impending company, we got the phone call: the majority of the work would be covered under our extended warranty! THANK YOU LORD! The same warranty that a different dealership said had expired, hence we were saving the money. Rest assured, letters will be written and a complaint lodged against that dealership.

Thank you GOD! We've been fretting about these repairs for two months, trying to save as much as possible in as little time as possible and still pay on debt, provide for the family and give our girls a Christmas (needless to say, Josh and I decided quickly not to get each other anything). I've been praying like mad, every time I'd get in the van I'd pray! Talk about answered prayers! The dealership called while my company was here saying it was going to cost us $100.00 for the repair made to the tire. I was so excited, I think I may have jumped up and down. Just thinking about it now, I want to jump for joy!

Praise the Lord, our van is fixed, we didn't have to use our emergency fund and we even have a partially funded vehicle maintenance fund! I love Josh's take after the emotional stress dump: At least it got you closer to God, think about how much you've been praying.

And that company...


Ally, Ethan and Baby Lana came down for the day, such joy! I have missed my dear friend and her wonderful children. It was so great being able to catch up, meet and hold the babe, watch the kids play, and just talk! Ally looks amazing! Lana is beautiful and so laid back; she slept most of the time, but when she wasn't, she was all smiles. Ethan has gotten so big!

I think Brenna was in a bit of shock when she saw Ethan, even though she knew he was coming over. I had Brenna open the door, when she saw Ethan she said, "Ethan? Ethan! ETHAN!!!" She shrieked, it was precious.

It was great, the kids played, it was almost like they had never been separated. All us girls sat around and gabbed, we ate and visited. A wonderful day!

My absolute favorite part of the day was when we were getting ready to go out to dinner. The kids were putting on shoes and coats when Brenna looked at Ethan.
Brenna: "I love you Ethan."
Ethan: "I love you Brenna."
So simple, so perfect.

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Rant: Blame it on the economy!

I am so sick of hearing this!

I was appalled back in September when I heard a small town in Oklahoma was having to, essentially, close down the police department. On the news this evening, they were talking about how one Northwest Chicago suburb is having to fire 4 of their police officers to save money.


I'm all for local, state and the federal government cutting spending to save money instead of raising taxes but seriously?! And, I understand money is tight in this recession the White House says we're out of, but this is not the way to go.

Crime is on the rise and people just don't have the warm and fuzzy feeling of being safe anymore. How are we going to feel when it takes an hour for someone to respond when you call 911?

Now, I don't have the miracle cure, I haven't done the research to know where the money is going that would be considered frivolous. I do know politicians make more than our military, my only suggestion is put congress and the senate, mayors, governors, all of them, on the existing military pay scale. That should save a dollar or two, or maybe the military would get a raise.

My thoughts and prayers are with our brothers and sisters in blue. May they have what they need to keep us safe.

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Weekend Update

A good weekend, fun and productive!

Our weekend actually started like most other's would, on Friday night. Josh's class graduated Friday morning so he we in during the day and had the evening off, it was a lovely change of pace. We went to the store as a family, then went to dinner and to a musical recital at Community Christian Church of Lake County, our neighbor and her family were in it. After the recital, the church had a birthday party for Jesus, Brenna had a great time.

Got up Saturday morning and had acupuncture. I can't believe I've been headache free for so long without meds. I really didn't think I'd ever live without headaches, I've suffered from them since puberty. Thank you Jenni for recommending I try.
Later, Josh went to the gym and the girls took a nap. Once he was home and they were up we began our weekend project... We swapped the girl's room with the play room. So now, Brenna is back in her old bed (she's been sleeping on the futon in Paige's room since Paige started sleeping in her crib 6 months ago). I love that Brenna wants to share a room with her sister and I'm thankful to be getting her off the futon. I'm beginning to enjoy the idea of a guest/play room. We now have a place for someone to sleep and not have to worry about where the kids are going to sleep.
I have some work to do on the new guest/play room, hang some pictures and a shelf. I moved most of Paige's clothes out of the closet this evening.

Sunday morning we got up and went to church as a family. Oh how I LOVE that!!! Came home to enjoy a quiet afternoon. Josh and some buddies went on a 10 mile hike with weighted packs while the girls and I hung out. I got some presents wrapped and under the tree and am surprised that I have to tell B more often than Paige to keep hands off.

Brenna spent much of her Sunday singing. I love hearing, "Jesus loves me so, so, so..." and "Happy Birthday Dear Jesus!" Apparently she had a lot of fun in nursery/Sunday school today. I was told the reason she didn't color her picture was because she was busy being Mommy to baby Jesus. And this evening she asked if she could knock on the table, we assumed it was a knock knock joke and, of course, allowed it. But to our surprise when we said "hello?" as per instructed, she told us "there was no room in the house [inn]." If you ask her if baby Jesus was born in a stable she will correct you and say, "He was born in a manger."

It's been a lovely weekend, thank you Lord!

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Rave: Jenni!

I've been thinking a lot of my sister Jenni the past couple of days and I'm really trying hard to pray when I feel so moved, especially when someone random pops in my head. But after a few days of thinking of my sis, praying for her and missing each other on phone calls I thought I'd share with you just a little about Jenni!

To put it short and sweet, this is my current fb status:

I love my sister! She's one of my best friends, a role model and someone I strive to be more like. She has stood beside me in my quest for a relationship with Christ and has never faltered where I was concerned. I am blessed to call her my friend and not only my sister by birth but also my sister in Christ. I love you Jenni!!!

But I can't leave it that short but it is sweet.

Throughout all the trials and tribulations in my life my sister has been there, not usually physically but no more than a phone call away. From boot camp to the Middle East, through divorces and babies, I've ALWAYS felt her prayers. And when I thought she was pushing too hard and told her to back off, I know she never gave up on me. I could feel her concern for me, I could hear it in her voice, but she did not waiver!

I want to write so much more but the words escape me. I know not God's plan for me or why He puts certain people in my life but I am so very thankful He gave me Jenni.

Saturday, December 5, 2009

Ramble: Lessons

Although this was Brenna's fourth season seeing Santa, she was a bit hesitant. She talked to him for a little bit from just beyond the rope, safely out of reach. She finally got up the nerve to go up to him but became skittish again as we moved in.

Paige, on the other hand, looked at this red fellow with a bit of wonderment and quickly offered a smile.

When Brenna became nervous, I grabbed up Paige and assured Brenna she could take the picture with her sister. While she was slightly delighted she was not yet convinced.

I stood in front of Santa and asked which side he'd prefer the baby on, he indicated the left and I proceeded to place Paigie gently in his arm. This did not please our Little Bit!

I instantly became reminiscent of ALL of Brenna's past Santa experiences, she's never been a fan.

I quickly looked to Brenna and had her sit with Paige and hoped they'd both cheer up a bit. It worked! Paige wasn't completely happy but at least she was calm.

In the end, we got a good picture.

I've learned, sisters can make us brave!