Friday, October 23, 2009

Letters of Intent Friday: whom am I writing?

Letters of Intent

To my own sleep-deprived brain and body,

This is your third attempt at this blog. While I know you enjoy staying up for the Hubby and you really, really want to get those pictures posted on FaceBook, it's okay to step away from the computer. Especially when you have read the same line you've just written three times and it's not until the third time you realize you typed when "wehn." Brain, it's time to tell the body to back off and head upstairs. Take a break, go to bed.

And for future reference, it's okay to not get on the computer every night. Try going to bed right after the girls do one night, you might be surprised how much more you can accomplish when you're actually rested.


Thursday, October 22, 2009

A Conversation

Let me set the scene:
I was sitting on the couch, nursing Paige while Brenna was putting toys away. She bent over by me to pick up a toy.

"Brenna, pull up your pants, I can see your tushy."
"You wanna see my tushy?"
"No Sweetheart, can you..."

I was unable to finish my sentence because she promptly pulled down the back of her pants and mooned me. "Look at my tushy!" She giggled.

I laughed so hard Paige was forced to stop.

Friday, October 16, 2009

Letters of Intent Friday

Letters of Intent

To the dirt and the dust and overall clutter.

Over the past few weeks this household has been busy and a bit hecktic. I didn't mind you stopping by to visit and while I appreciate your company, you have overstayed your welcome! I am kindly asking you to leave. I will give you this opportunity to save face and leave of your own accord. I feel we can best move on with our lives and find quicker closure if you leave tonight.

I would like this break to be amicable so please pack your things and go.
You should know I have conspired against you with the other members of my home and if you do not leave we will be evicting you this weekend.

Please be gone by morning.
Thank you!

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Pavlov's Baby

Yes, we have a conditioned baby and it is too funny. If you put a bib on Paige she will begin to salivate and demand her food. I highly suggest getting everything ready before putting the bib on... She will sit in the high chair, quite content, playing with toys or measuring cups, she'll watch me cook, do dishes, or clean; but the moment that bib goes on, it's go time!

Have I mentioned how much she loves pears?! That's my girl!
Josh and Brenna dig the apples, Paige and I are pear lovers!

Friday, October 2, 2009

Letters of Intent: Dearest Memory

It's Letters of Intent Friday! Julie of Foursons hosts Letters of Intent Fridays. I'm excited to participate. Check out the Letters of Intent button below.

Dearest Memory,

This has been a crazy week for sure. With both girls being sick at the same time and my total lack of sleep I felt it best to write you for prosperity.

While I know pieces of this week, even the past few weeks, will eventually fade into nothingness, I implore you will help me to remember the highlights. I don't mind forgetting about the sleepless nights, the insane amount of B tantrums and the isolation felt by being stuck in the house with the sickies, in fact I'd prefer to. I do want to remember the love Brenna has shown Paige when she wasn't feeling good and the smiles Paige gives Brenna every time she coughs, as if to say, "I know, I've been there." I hope to remember the fact that Brenna has worn some piece of her Cinderella costume everyday since her birthday and will even put the crown on Paigie's head. Most importantly please help me to remember God's grace brought me out of this when I wasn't sure how I was going to make it, yet another day running on empty!

One thing I also hope to never forget is at the end of this crazy week, baby Lana made (or will make) her grand entrance into this world! Welcome sweet child!