Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Birthdays, Binkies and Babywearing

What a week ahead! Its starting with a birthday ending with a century ride and is celebrated all week by International Babywearing Week!

Yesterday was B's 3rd birthday, where did the time go?! We had a play date at the park on Saturday to celebrate. It was a lovely day, not too hot and the men did most of the chasing. It was so very nice to be able to sit and chat with the ladies and not worry about which one of this kids is trying to climb the wall. Brenna loved her cake, it had Toy Story characters on it.

Being 3 is a big deal here around Clan Brunn, we made a rule a few months ago that children weren't allowed to have pacifiers past the age of 3. Brenna has known this for a while and if you'd ask her anything about her birthday she's tell you she was getting rid of her binky. So when her birthday finally arrived, she was saddened to give up the bink. Since she didn't quite understand why a perfectly good binky needed to go in the trash we "broke" it (we cute a slit in it) and I held her next to the trash can so she could throw it in. When we came back inside she told me she was sad and that she might cry, I told her that was perfectly okay, then she ran off to play with Woody.

Nap time was a little difficult, she cried for a bit. Josh and I both talked to her about being a big girl and how we would all help her get through this. She eventually went down and woke up very grumpy. Only wanting to be held, I had to strap her to my back so I could cook dinner. Josh was very surprised when he walked through the door.

Bed time was, well, non existent. Our routine starts between 7:30 and 8, she finally went to sleep sometime around midnight, in our bed. I know it's going to take some time to adjust, I pray it doesn't take too long. I'm already missing the happy, go lucky B.

This week is International Babywearing Week. I'm excited to participate in the Lake County Babywearers International Babywearing Week Celebration this Thursday. It should be a lot of fun. For myself, I'm trying to do a different carry everyday and take pictures. My Maya Wrap ring sling and Pikkolo are my work horses so I've been trying to use the wrap more at home.

This is my first real attempt at carrying Paige in a ruk, I was a bit nervous but Josh said she looked very secure. I think she enjoyed being up so high.

Close enough to kiss.


  1. How cool!!! Paige looks so happy on your back. Good luck with the different wraps!!
    I hope the bink transition gets better soon. It took about a week for us, I hope it is quicker for you!!!

  2. Time sure flies! I wish we could have been at the park. We miss you guys tons! I hope the binky thing passes quickly. Paige is getting SO big! Tell her to stop growing until Christmas! :)

  3. Such sweet pictures! Happy birthday to B.! See you Thursday. :)

  4. Paige does look like she's loving the high up back carry! Sorry Brenna was so grumpy when she woke up, but I am sure she will be happy go lucky again soon!

  5. I can't believe Brenna is 3! Happy Birthday to her! Man time does fly. They both look so adorable. Have fun with the baby wearing celebration - never could get either of my kids in one of those.

    I miss you my dear friend and can't wait until I can meet your beautiful family.


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