Sunday, February 20, 2011

Happy Momma Moment: A Full Day

Gems from my 4 year old.

"What do I look like, a pizza oven?!"


"Don't give me that attitude."


"I'm beat up real bad."


A phone conversation between my mom, Yaya, and B.
Yaya- You should see Papa, he's wearing a red dress.
B- Is he pretending to be a girl?
Yaya- He fell off his high heals.
(Much giggling)
B- I wear high heals because I'm a girl.
Yaya- I don't have any high heals.
B- You can borrow Papa's!
(Much laughter)


My dear B was filled with much wisdom today, more than I think a 4 year old should have. But nevertheless, I feel I got the message God was sending and I truly loved receiving inspiration from His little helper. She (and He) really perked me up after a few days (a few weeks) of a funk.

I am such a blessed Momma!

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  1. Those are great! And the first one, I can totally see her in my head saying it.


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