Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Three Years

Three years have gone by with nary a word from me. I'd like to say I've been writing somewhere else but I haven't, I've barely been journaling.

I miss writing. I miss the peace that comes with getting the thoughts out of my head. They've been stuck in my head for three years.

Three years!

My husband retired! Took two whole days off then began Career #2.

I have an almost 6th grader, an almost 3rd grader, and an almost kindergartener.

Three years!

What I have I done in three years?!

I directed a homeschool group for two of those years.
I took a year off from directing/tutoring and enjoyed being a homeschool mom for a year.

I ran my first 5k.

I went with my family to Disney, twice.

I turned 40.

I laughed a lot in three years, cried, too.

I played with my kids.

I made new friendships, strengthened old ones (even when they moved far away).

I've learned my weight won't make me happy but it can motivate me to change lifestyles.

I've learned I still enjoy running.

Three years!

I have missed writing. My fingers move across the keys with ease, the muscles remember. The words are trying to come out of my head a bit too fast, jumbled and senseless. I need to be writing. Three years is too long to go without writing.

I will write again, and this time I won't wait three years.

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