Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Paige's Dedication and Alkahoma

Yaya and Gigi (Rose's mom and grandmother) came up for Paige's dedication this weekend. We had a great time, visiting, eating out, shopping, and sight seeing. On Sunday we dedicated Paige to Christ! What an awesome day!

While here, Yaya taught Brenna about Oklahoma and told her Yaya, Papa and Gigi all live there. Brenna was so excited to learn that Papa was at home in Alkahoma and said several times she wanted to go to visit him. At one point she even said Yaya could take Paigie home with her, she eventually went back on this saying that Paigie needed to stay with Mommy but she could go with them. When Yaya and Gigi left at 4 this morning Brenna and I saw them off. As they pulled out of the drive way Brenna waived and said, "Yaya's going home to see Papa in Alkahoma."

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  1. Your family is beautiful!! Congrats on the awesome day! I miss you!


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