Friday, May 1, 2009

Alternative Medicine

I've been plagued with headaches just about all my life. Both migraines and what I like to call background headaches, these are the ones that are there all the time hanging out in the back of your head and are so mild you learn to live with them and don't even worry about taking anything for them. Here in Great Lakes we have a headache specialist who I finally went to see. He wanted to put me on an everyday prevention type med and after a bit of nagging agreed to putting in a consult for an MRI. Although he said the medication wouldn't affect Paige I was a bit apprehensive and decided not to start the meds. After several stressful weeks and crazy headaches I changed my mind. I started the medication on a Friday and decided by Sunday I didn't want to take it anymore, Paige slept constantly and it felt as if my milk was drying up. My sister suggested I try acupuncture.

With the help of a friend I found a local acupuncturist (who gives a military discount, woohoo). I felt better after the first session and after the second session my background headaches were gone! I can't wait to see what else we can accomplish.

I started doing research on other homeopathic remedies and came across Baltic amber. A friend of mine has a necklace for her daughter and says it has made a big difference with teething. It is said Baltic amber, when worn against the skin, can help relieve pain and strengthen the immune system. I'm very excited to try it. A woman I met at a babywearing meeting suggested Inspired by Finn and by mentioning them in my note I'm able to get a 20% discount. You can have it too by using the code save20. Inspired by Finn I'm getting Brenna and I each a necklace.

I'll be sure to keep you posted!

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