Friday, October 23, 2009

Letters of Intent Friday: whom am I writing?

Letters of Intent

To my own sleep-deprived brain and body,

This is your third attempt at this blog. While I know you enjoy staying up for the Hubby and you really, really want to get those pictures posted on FaceBook, it's okay to step away from the computer. Especially when you have read the same line you've just written three times and it's not until the third time you realize you typed when "wehn." Brain, it's time to tell the body to back off and head upstairs. Take a break, go to bed.

And for future reference, it's okay to not get on the computer every night. Try going to bed right after the girls do one night, you might be surprised how much more you can accomplish when you're actually rested.



  1. My brain and your brain are on the same page here. It is sad that I stay up just to relish in some "quiet" time and am so tired in the morning because I did!!

  2. I hear you! Lol. Silly brains. :)


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