Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Road Trip! A Weekend in Pictures

On Labor Day, the Clan decided to make the 12 hour drive to Oklahoma to visit my parents. Of course, the 12 hour drive took 14 hours and we had to leave in the middle of the day because, well, we weren't able to leave as early as we would have liked.

But we got on the road and soon were all smiles.

Or not.

There it is.

Our dinner stop was entertaining.

Our fondness for taking pictures seemed to weird out the lady behind us.

After driving all night and arriving at 3:30 AM, we really just wanted to veg a bit before starting the day.

We spent the weekend relaxing and visiting,

Bear was taking relaxing to a whole new level.

Hide and Seek

Utterly Kissable!

Worn Out

B got a hold of the camera on the way home.

For lunch, we stopped at a Chic-fil-A that had a play structure for the kids. The girls had a great time but when it came time to get back on the road, one little munchkin did not want to come down and an extraction party had to be sent out.

It was a GREAT weekend!


  1. Love this pictures!! Paige is growing up fast! You and Josh look fabulous too!


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