Wednesday, November 10, 2010

A Longing

I long for my sister to be near. I find myself in need of her guidance and wisdom.

She is a wise woman!

I miss her hugs and her compliments. She has a way of knowing just what to say when I'm down or lost.

She prays for me, always has. She's about ten years ahead of me on her spiritual journey {this is, of course, my own perception, I'm sure she'd say differently}. God has blessed me with her in my search for discernment. Did I mention she's wise?!

As a Navy Wife, duty stations usually take us far from home and I spend an much of time missing my friends and family. Today, my sister is on my heart! And it is she I long to spend my day with.

I know, there isn't much to this writing, but this is what I need to get out there. It's been a while since I've written, blogged or otherwise, and these were the words I needed to say.

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  1. Glad you said them. I hope you get some QT with her during the upcoming holidays. Thinking about how much I love YOU today! Thanks for serving our country, dear friend. Thank your hubby for me, too?


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