Sunday, October 31, 2010

Wrapping Pink

Write pink

October has proven to be a very pink month.

Writing Pink {and reading so much more} has really opened my eyes. I've met, mostly via Internet, so many survivors, heard stories of triumph and loss and really, really learned.

I learned I am at risk but I can make changes.

I thought, what a better way to wrap up this month, than to share the changes I'm already making.

When I first read so much about BPAs, my mind reeled as I looked around my house and saw just how much plastic we have. I immediately began concocting plans on how I was going to rid our house of this evil. Plastic sippy cups must go, to be replaced with glass cups or stainless steel, no more eating on Tupperware plates, added to the Sams list was glass storage containers...

Then I breathed.
And again.

We're on a budget.

My plans to rid our house of plastic is going to have to be gradual. I was delighted to find out that four of the sippys we have are BPA free. I bought some BPA free plastic cups to replace the plastic cups B uses {a bit cheaper than stainless}. I will stop heating food in the microwave in the plastic storage containers we have but the glass containers will have to wait, they didn't make the cut this payday.


I've learned this month, if I ask my girls if they want to go with me on a walk, they are guaranteed to be game. They willingly jump into the stroller, armed with water and a couple toys, they thoroughly enjoy watching the birds in the trees and squirrels scamper away. I also learned walking a couple miles isn't that bad when the kids aren't screaming, it's actually enjoyable.


This is going to be a bit longer of a project since I was just eating birthday cake today. I'm not going to to into detail here for my own reasons. Thank you for understanding. {No, I'm not pregnant.}

All in all, it's been an informative month. Forgive me if I despise pink for the next several months since everything was turned pink in October. {Pink ribbons on cookies, really? And pink bubble wrap??} Although a lot of men would disagree, I will miss seeing pink in the NFL, that I did get a kick out of.

Happy November, everyone!


  1. I have been planning on going to glass containers for awhile... I can't stand the plastic containers! Mine seem to absorb the soap from the dishwasher which in turn flavors all my food in soap if I nuke em in the container :)

    Good luck with your diet... am working on that as well!

  2. Lindy, a friend was telling me she got her glass containers from Sams. They're Pyrex and have lids.

    Thank you, and good luck with yours.

  3. Go you! Thanks for doing Write Pink! this year. And congrats on winning the awesome Strawesome set. That's one sure way to cut down on your plastic exposure!


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