Tuesday, December 7, 2010

'Twas the Write Before Chirstmas: Day Two

Bigger Picture Blogs has gone and done it, again.

They've got me writing.

How I love being a member of such a wonderful community!

They've started 'Twas the Write Before Christmas, a daily prompt to help allow some time for you, me. Something I definitely need!

I'm a day behind, but that's okay.


“Underneath the mistletoe last night…”

Stolen glances from across the room
Eyes meeting intentionally

Slowly moving in each other’s direction
Each step leading to uncertainty

Standing face to face
Cheeks flushing, hearts racing

The crowd melting away
Only two stand

Eyes locked
Two hearts bounding in time with each other

Is he going to kiss me

Should I kiss her

Lips meet
Time stands still
Warmth replaces butterflies


  1. It's never to late!

    And kisses... anticipation... perfect for under the mistletoe!

  2. I love this, Rose! The way the lines were set up give it such a wonderful flow. Great job, my friend!

    I'm so glad you are back ... yay for this space seeing some action. And Alita is right -- jumping in wherever is just fine. :)


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