Wednesday, December 8, 2010

'Twas the Write Before Christmas: Day Three


Today's Prompt:

"The Bells"

That's the line that spoke to me, so just bear with me.

I watched The Polar Express with B this evening and found myself longing to hear the bell.

I don't know when I stopped believing Santa was real. My parents told us he'd stop bringing us presents if we stopped believing, so I don't remember ever telling them I knew the truth.

Or do I?

I've spent the past few years trying to teach B that Christmas isn't about presents but about the birth of Christ. I haven't put much emphasis on the chubby fellow in a red suit.

But this year, this year is different. I don't know why {and I'm not about to bore you with possibilities} but this year, I find myself wanting to believe Santa is real.

B came right out and asked if he was real. Not wanting to lie to her, I simply asked what she believed, she was happy with that.

Why can't Christmas be about the birth of our Savior and a jolly fat man? After all, the Christmas tree and Saint Nick both have Christian roots.

So I will spend the next few weeks praying for guidance and pondering Santa. I will be moved to tears by Christmas music, both secular and non. And I will be trying to hear the bells.


  1. Teach her about the history behind Santa Claus, and that giving is better than recieving, and you should get the whole thing all in one. :) Read her the story of St. Nicholas.....

  2. I agree with Pam.

    We usually do St. Nicholas day (Dec 6) and read the story of the saint and talk about him. For various reasons it didn't happen this year. One reason is how do you explain why he comes twice? So we have opted to read the story of St. Nicholas on Christmas Eve, as opposed to the secular story of Santa.

    On a complete side note, have you seen the statues of Santa kneeling to the baby Jesus? I love those, my whole family has one in their house and that's kind of sums up how we feel about Santa. He bows down tot he savior just as we do.

  3. I'm totally agreeing with Pam and Melissa!! Those are wonderful ideas. St. Nick and Jesus can both be part of the holiday so long as we all know that Jesus is the real reason we're celebrating.
    I've pondered this in my heart, too, Rose. I think, though, that as adults we lose sight of some of the magic of Christmas -- I think our kids need those feelings of magic and wonder. As long as we're explaining and celebrating the birth of Jesus, too, I think it's such a good idea to let their little hearts believe in St. Nick and the idea that there's someone who loves to go around gifting others with presents that make people feel special. :)
    Thank you for sharing this!!
    I'm listening for the bells with you, friend.


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