Thursday, January 20, 2011

My Bigger Picture

Bigger Picture Moment

I'm sitting here attempting to write my Bigger Picture Moment {this is draft number three} and no matter what I write, I end up on my husband.

In my first draft, I was writing about my children and ended up writing about how supportive my husband is, especially when I'm struggling with parenting.

My second attempt at a Bigger Picture Moment, I was writing about friendship. I was lost in thought, trying to convey what happens to friendships when moving every couple years since, well, birth {in my parents defense, we moved houses a lot but we only changed school systems three times}, when my mind wandered to my husband. I've had friends come and go, some have stayed in my life while other's haven't.

My husband has played a major role in my life for almost ten years! For the first time, my best friend was with me when I moved across the world, across the Pacific and across the country.

God had a time and a place for us, we know that know. We've discovered we've been in the same place, frequented the same establishments, lived a barracks apart {twice}, and celebrated Fleet Week in the same town but never met. For those who don't know, I met my husband while we were both serving in the Middle East.

Our lives have changed with deployments, transfers, children, Christ. My "I believe there's some kind of higher power" husband is now the spiritual leader of our family. I often go to him when I can't find something in scripture. He's helped further my relationship with Christ.

Watching God work in his life has forever changed my perception.

And today, he, my amazing, spectacular, wonderful husband, is helping me see the bigger picture.


  1. I love this, especially because it's so similar to my story. Well not the military part we were both denied :-/ (he was too qualified, I have Asthma). We meet so many times, and were in the same circles for so long before every "meeting" it's sometimes crazy how it works out huh?

  2. God knew what he was doing with you, too. And aside from the good Lord, your husband is your constant companion, so it makes sense that your mind would consistently come back to him over and over.
    Been missing you. I want to catch up this weekend. :)


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