Thursday, May 10, 2012

Not Yet Completed

My pastor has been preaching from 2 Kings for the past few weeks, I'm finding that I'm enjoying my time there. I even enjoy looking over my notes a day or two later, remembering what the pastor spoke on and the points he made and reading the various emphasized bits from random thoughts that truly spoke to me.

Move Forward or DIE

We were looking at the four men with leprosy standing at the sieged city cage in chapter 7. Simply put, one man said, "If we go back into the city where there is famine, we will starve and die. If we stay here, we starve and die. If we go out to the camp of those who have us under siege, the most they can do is kill us."  {I love that mindset!}

Their only option was to move forward.
Leave the past behind, head for new horizons, sail for new shores.
My only option is to move forward.

I can't live today on the oxygen I breathed yesterday.

Obviously I can't live in the past, but often my mind wanders back to a simpler time, when my husband was home more, when we had more time together as a family, when I had less headaches {literally}. I don't actually want to go back {although it would be nice to be rid of the headaches again}, we weren't a complete family then, my husband wasn't saved, and well, a whole bunch of other reasons.

There is no going back!

Staying put?
When the battle is over, the storm has calmed?
I know there are more trials ahead and there are times I do want to stay, for another moment in the peace and quiet.  I know not to linger long, but I do take extra time holding my babes as they are growing up fast, kiss my husband when I get the chance, just in case...

I know we can't stay in the calm, we'd begin to get comfortable and trust in the calm when we really need to be trusting in Him.  There is always another trial right around the corner, another chance to grow my faith.

I must move forward.  As I grow in my faith, I find moving forward a bit easier. I know, for a fact, that in every trial, every struggle, He is with me. He is growing me, making me something... Something better than I am now, something, great!

"And I am sure of this, that he who began a good work in you will bring it to completion at the day of Jesus Christ." Phil 1:6

He is still working me and I won't be complete; I wasn't yesterday, I'm not today, probably won't be tomorrow, but I must keep moving forward, until Christ's return!

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