Monday, May 7, 2012

My Journey: Sharing Miracles

Where to begin?
I want to share
What I've seen
What I've heard
What I've witnessed

I've been a witness
I am a Witness

To His glory!

But what good am I as a Witness if I don't share it with others?!

In the past few months I've been witness to life, forgiveness, salvation; I've been able to see people changed and grow in their relationship with Christ. This is just the first of my sharing and my journey back to writing. God is so good and I hope you're able to find the little {and big} miracles in your own life.

I've been blessed to witness the journey of a woman, go from given only days to live, to being HEALED! Going from not knowing God, to being restored in Him and yesterday, trusting her life to Him!

Because a man listened to God, beckoning him, he was in the right place to witness to another man, about to loose the mother of his children. Told she only had three days to live, Godly people ministered to them, prayed with them, stood by these strangers during a scary time. Three days later she was still with us; they stayed, they prayed. Eventually, she went home, although she was unable to get out of bed; but she progressed. Yesterday, she walked into church, stood during the worship, gave her life to Christ and stood again with six others as they were introduced as new brothers and sisters in this family of believers.

Her miracle has been shared by many.
Her miracle has been our miracle.
Her miracle has changed my life.
Changed the way I pray.
Changed the way I see the everyday.
I want to walk with more faith.
I want to encourage others.
I want to share my journey.
I want to seek out miracles.

God is great!
His glory is all around, we must simply seek it.

I'm learning that life as a Christian is not easy; but as a Christian, I have Hope! I have a peace that transcends all understanding. I know I need to be sharing this knowledge.

I need to be sharing my journey.

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