Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Ramble: Tired or teething

Dare we say it?! Not the truth please!
I don't want to admit it but yes, my sweet darling daughters can sometimes be brats, although I do prefer not to use the "b" word and opt instead for saying "sassy."

Just recently, on two separate occasions, I found myself defending and making excuses for both my girls. Yesterday when I was asked if Little Bit's crankiness was due to teething, I found it was easier to say yes than try to explain that we're dealing with separation anxiety. A couple weeks ago Big Bit was in a full meltdown mode at the mall, I know it was aggravated by hunger but that is no excuse for the way she was acting.

How often I find myself blaming fits and crankiness on teething, tiredness, hunger, everything under the sun because deep down inside I don't want to believe my kids are really "that way." And I know they're not. I have great kids that sometimes misbehave.

Thank you Lord for making my children just how you want them, please help me to remember that raising them is a process and one to be enjoyed!

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  1. You say it *so* well! It is a process, and it is a process we need to actively enjoy. Thanks for the reminder.


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