Monday, January 25, 2010

Living like no one else success story: My second daughter's first birthday.

Living like no one else success story: My second daughter's first birthday.

We're on the Dave Ramsey plan, knocking out our debt, saving money and living like no on else.

We've learned to live on a budget (Dave calls it a Cash Flow Plan) and spend our money differently. We think differently causing us to live and spend differently.

3 years ago for B's first birthday, we invited all her little friends, ordered a cake and had refreshments. At the time I thought it a very simple birthday.

Paige's first birthday was truly simple! We invited two families we're close to, threw a couple pizza's in the oven and I made the cake. The best thing was her present from us, a brand new Laugh and Learn Learning Home! I did in fact say brand new but I did not pay the $80 MSRP, not even close. I found one "used in good condition" on our local yard sale site for $10.00. When I went to pick it up the lady selling it informed me there was a piece missing but it was still functioning. I gladly purchased the unit knowing Paige wouldn't care if it was broken.
I went on the Fisher Price website and attempted to order the missing piece and was slightly taken aback when it wasn't available. I called Fisher Price and they told me if I sent them the bottom of the unit, obviously sans the missing piece, they'd send me a brand new toy! I only had to pay the shipping for the piece I sent in, what a deal!

Paige's First Birthday Party:
Decorations: $0 (we didn't decorate, she's 1)
Food, including cake: $11.00
Present from us: $15.00
Living like no one else: priceless!

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