Saturday, May 29, 2010

I'm Allowing Myself to Grieve.

With the looming transfer I've been sad.

Sad that I'm leaving
Sad that my daughter is leaving her friends
Sad that she most likely wont be able to dance for a while
Sad that we're leaving the house where we became a family of four
where both girls learned to walk
Sad to leave our amazing church
such amazing people

Sad to leave my friends
Amazing women who've stood by me through deployments
Held my hand during tough times
Prayed with me and for me
Laughed with me
Loved me

I'm sad and I'm okay.


  1. Oh sweetie! Big hugs to you from me. I'm sad for you and for me (that you won't be moving here). But it will work out no matter where you are because you are an awesome person and you have an awesome family! I love you!

  2. Most of the really cool people already left that place, so it shouldn't be that hard! ;)
    Just kiddin! I know it's always hard to leave, but I'm sure there are great things awaiting you in Mississippi. Good luck!!!!!! (((hugs)))

  3. I'm sad, too, friend. I will miss you, but I'm also excited for the wonderful people God is going to bring into your life and awesome opportunities I know He's got planned for your family. We'll always, always, always be friends no matter the distance. Hearts strings stretch that far.

  4. I love you ladies, if I could get all of you in one place I'd be ecstatic!


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