Monday, August 29, 2011

Writing Me: Where I'm From

I'm joining Bigger Picture Blogs in a community writing project. Such perfect timing as I'm getting back into writing, I love being able to share and learn from others.


I am from the Great Plains, red earth and willow trees. The smell of spring storms looming on the horizon.

I am from purple mountain majesties, white caps looming year around. I am from columbines and aspen trees.

I am from two stories, overlooking Boulder reservoir. A trampoline dug half way into a mountain side, Panther pride and blue and gold. Homecoming floats and three hour trips to football games. From, "Kiss my paw!"

From the wind and snow. Where Halloween costumes must fit over coats and snowsuits.

I am from two loving parents, discipline, church. From reading the Bible, believing Jesus died for my sins and knowing there are not enough good deeds on Earth that can get me into Heaven

From women who put family first and men who supported them. I'm from a place where you could never hear, "I love you" enough and men are manly for saying it.

I am from siblings who watch out for each other, pick on one another, tickle you until you pee. I'm from a sister who is my best friend and reassures me that I can handle these children and God loves me no matter what!

From the tight-knit, always have a place to go family. From imperfection, dysfunction, humor, and utter joy.

I am from devotion to duty, from a line of patriotic defenders. Doing my part to support and defend the Constitution of the United States of America! I am from Haze Grey and Red, White and Blue!

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  1. I love where you are from. Beautiful and so insightful into your life. :)


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