Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Bigger Picture Moment: He Missed Me


I've been feeling empty lately.

Going through the motions more or less; bogged down by the flesh, pregnancy, motherhood.

My prayers have been lacking.

I have not been encouraging my husband.

I have not been lifting up others.

I have not been using my God-given breath to glorify Him.

I've been feeling utterly empty.

The moment of awareness came one morning when I felt heavy, I couldn't take even one more step. The sickness and the tiredness I felt was not physical, it was spiritual. I laid on my bedroom floor, as prone as a 7 1/2 month pregnant lady can, and prayed. Knowing not what to pray for, I just prayed.

A few minutes later I was able to sit up knowing what I was supposed to do next. Within my reach was my Bible. Opening it to Psalms, I read the first chapter I came across, then the next, then several more until I finally felt I could stand back up.

I knew what God was telling me to do, come back to Him.

Seek Him.

Talk to Him.

He missed me.

Like a father misses his daughter when she doesn't call or write, He missed me.

He missed me!

I wasn't feeling empty because He had gone somewhere, I had stopped seeking, if only for a little while. I needed to find Him, seek His arms.

I was feeling empty so that He could fill me!

Fill me with His love, grace, promises, His goodness, His mercy!

All I had to do was to look, to ask.

Reading my Bible daily and spending more time in specific, intentional prayer, I have felt His peace the past few days. Oh how I've missed this peace. Life still tries to get in, the girls still act like, well, themselves, but I have my peace back. I have been hugged by my Father and my cup runneth over!

If you haven't picked up your Bible in a while, why not start with Psalm 23. It reads like a love letter in the King James version.

I am so thankful for the love letters He has given us!


  1. Rose, I will be lifting you up in prayer, thanking God for revealing His love letters to you and asking that He continues to whisper love to your heart. You are so precious to Him! And to me. And I love that you are experiencing the missing emotion of our loving Father ... and sharing about it. Thank you so much for such beautiful transparency in this writing. love you so much.

  2. "I was feeling empty so that He could fill me!" What a powerful insight! We are so blessed that when we reach out to Him, no matter how tentatively, He's there to grab us close.

    (Also, so excited to meet another former-military, military wife! Cheers! :)

  3. psalm 23 is a favorite of mine!!!!

  4. So lovely, how easy we forgot in the busyness of parenting that we are a child too that needs time with our father.


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