Friday, November 20, 2009

Letters of Intent Friday: Oh Early Birds

A little background.

Three years ago, shorty after Brenna was born, I was watching NBC5 News. Back in the day, Anchor Bob Sirott had a little bit at the end of the 4:30 news where he gave his opinion in a light-hearted fashion. On this particular day he made light of the fact that Christmas decorations were popping up before Halloween and one of the local radio stations was going to start Christmas music on November 1st. He chuckled and said in a year or two decorations would be up in September and the radio station would start their Christmas music Columbus Day weekend. He was dead on!

Letters of Intent

A letter to all early Christmas shoppers.

First let me say I am excited you've not only finished your Christmas shopping back in October but you've already started on next year's. That is kinda cool.

But seriously, what's up with all the pressure, aren't the retail outlets doing enough of that?! It's bad enough that a couple days before Halloween I can no longer get Halloween candy and the day after there is NO sign of it because everything has been replaced by holiday decor. Our local Walmart seemed to have skipped Thanksgiving completely.

Please don't rush me. I used to enjoy Christmas shopping, now I'm feeling behind the power curve! I was going to wait until Black Friday, take advantage of the deals then spend a couple weeks getting what I hadn't. Now you're telling me if the sales over the past couple weeks are better than what is planned for Black Friday. I'm so confused! Last year was my first Black Friday experience and I was looking forward to this year but now you're saying my I'm too late.

If you have the time, could you please put together a shopping calendar for next year for us wayward shoppers, this would help immensely! You could add suggested start dates, or which sales to look forward to.

Thank you,
Your tired and frazzled shopping friend.

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  1. Um, YEAH! You tell 'em. I feel the same way!!


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