Friday, November 20, 2009

Ramble: Chores!

Chores! Chores! Chores!

I just cant seem to get on top of them. I thought it would be simple, to keep my house clean I simply split up the basic cleaning needs into one or two daily chores. The problem occurs when I don't get Monday's done, on Tuesday I'm trying to do two days worth, then if I don't get them both finished Wednesday is even worse. By the time Thursday rolls around I'm overwhelmed.

You're wondering why the lack of cleaning can make me feel overwhelmed... Well, just don't look at my house right now.

I created this cleaning routine when I was pregnant with Paige and it worked well. I spent a few months actually feeling like I had it together. I didn't cringe if a friend showed up unannounced, although I did still apologize for the mess.

I'm wondering if my lack of success may be due to the change in dynamic. Before, I could clean while Brenna played, I wasn't having to worry about what she may be getting into or if she would find something to choke on, current worries with Paige. I don't like to be upstairs cleaning with her downstairs and to take her up with me puts her at my feet. I also suffer from a lack of motivation, when the girls are resting I want to rest as well, when they're happy playing, I want to play with them. One thing can be said, my house may look like poo but my girls sure know I love them. :0)

I guess I'm off to configure a new game plan!

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