Sunday, November 8, 2009

Ramble: Do you hear me?!

Oh the trials we'll face. I'm learning as much about myself as I'm learning about Brenna lately. I'm learning being ignored is worse than arguing! I've learned I have little tolerance for a fitting 3yo when the baby is hungry. I'm learning prayer is needed more now than ever!

Tonight I found myself at a loss for words and even actions when B was in full meltdown refusing to pick up her toys then refusing to go upstairs. It's like she didn't even hear me! (I ended up carrying her upstairs and putting her on her bed.)

A while back, a Facebook friend asked why parents raise their voices at their children in non-emergency situations? She suggested it just adds to the chaos. So I challenged myself to not raise my voice at my B. For about a week I was very aware of my tone and it really changed my behavior and the way I dealt with the crazy 3yo. Lately, I've found myself raising my voice at her everyday! And I find it tiring, having to repeat myself.

So, I'm going to challenge myself, again. My attempt will be to not raise my voice at her, unless she is some kind of danger or she is placing her sister in danger. Please wish me luck and prayers are always welcome!

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