Saturday, December 5, 2009

Ramble: Lessons

Although this was Brenna's fourth season seeing Santa, she was a bit hesitant. She talked to him for a little bit from just beyond the rope, safely out of reach. She finally got up the nerve to go up to him but became skittish again as we moved in.

Paige, on the other hand, looked at this red fellow with a bit of wonderment and quickly offered a smile.

When Brenna became nervous, I grabbed up Paige and assured Brenna she could take the picture with her sister. While she was slightly delighted she was not yet convinced.

I stood in front of Santa and asked which side he'd prefer the baby on, he indicated the left and I proceeded to place Paigie gently in his arm. This did not please our Little Bit!

I instantly became reminiscent of ALL of Brenna's past Santa experiences, she's never been a fan.

I quickly looked to Brenna and had her sit with Paige and hoped they'd both cheer up a bit. It worked! Paige wasn't completely happy but at least she was calm.

In the end, we got a good picture.

I've learned, sisters can make us brave!


  1. What a great picture!!
    You can't even tell anything was wrong with the girls prior to the shot!!

  2. Yes, they can! Even the ones who are not sisters by blood. Great picture! We weren't so lucky yesterday with the jolly presend-toting man. :)


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