Thursday, December 24, 2009

Ramble: Praise the Lord, Great Company!

Tuesday the 22nd was a GREAT day! (I know, I'm a little late posting this.)

The day started early for my dear husband who took the van into the shop first thing in the morning for what we knew would be about $1,000.00 worth of work. We have been saving for these repairs for a couple months.

A bit later in the morning, as I was straightening up the house for my impending company, we got the phone call: the majority of the work would be covered under our extended warranty! THANK YOU LORD! The same warranty that a different dealership said had expired, hence we were saving the money. Rest assured, letters will be written and a complaint lodged against that dealership.

Thank you GOD! We've been fretting about these repairs for two months, trying to save as much as possible in as little time as possible and still pay on debt, provide for the family and give our girls a Christmas (needless to say, Josh and I decided quickly not to get each other anything). I've been praying like mad, every time I'd get in the van I'd pray! Talk about answered prayers! The dealership called while my company was here saying it was going to cost us $100.00 for the repair made to the tire. I was so excited, I think I may have jumped up and down. Just thinking about it now, I want to jump for joy!

Praise the Lord, our van is fixed, we didn't have to use our emergency fund and we even have a partially funded vehicle maintenance fund! I love Josh's take after the emotional stress dump: At least it got you closer to God, think about how much you've been praying.

And that company...


Ally, Ethan and Baby Lana came down for the day, such joy! I have missed my dear friend and her wonderful children. It was so great being able to catch up, meet and hold the babe, watch the kids play, and just talk! Ally looks amazing! Lana is beautiful and so laid back; she slept most of the time, but when she wasn't, she was all smiles. Ethan has gotten so big!

I think Brenna was in a bit of shock when she saw Ethan, even though she knew he was coming over. I had Brenna open the door, when she saw Ethan she said, "Ethan? Ethan! ETHAN!!!" She shrieked, it was precious.

It was great, the kids played, it was almost like they had never been separated. All us girls sat around and gabbed, we ate and visited. A wonderful day!

My absolute favorite part of the day was when we were getting ready to go out to dinner. The kids were putting on shoes and coats when Brenna looked at Ethan.
Brenna: "I love you Ethan."
Ethan: "I love you Brenna."
So simple, so perfect.

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