Sunday, December 13, 2009

Weekend Update

A good weekend, fun and productive!

Our weekend actually started like most other's would, on Friday night. Josh's class graduated Friday morning so he we in during the day and had the evening off, it was a lovely change of pace. We went to the store as a family, then went to dinner and to a musical recital at Community Christian Church of Lake County, our neighbor and her family were in it. After the recital, the church had a birthday party for Jesus, Brenna had a great time.

Got up Saturday morning and had acupuncture. I can't believe I've been headache free for so long without meds. I really didn't think I'd ever live without headaches, I've suffered from them since puberty. Thank you Jenni for recommending I try.
Later, Josh went to the gym and the girls took a nap. Once he was home and they were up we began our weekend project... We swapped the girl's room with the play room. So now, Brenna is back in her old bed (she's been sleeping on the futon in Paige's room since Paige started sleeping in her crib 6 months ago). I love that Brenna wants to share a room with her sister and I'm thankful to be getting her off the futon. I'm beginning to enjoy the idea of a guest/play room. We now have a place for someone to sleep and not have to worry about where the kids are going to sleep.
I have some work to do on the new guest/play room, hang some pictures and a shelf. I moved most of Paige's clothes out of the closet this evening.

Sunday morning we got up and went to church as a family. Oh how I LOVE that!!! Came home to enjoy a quiet afternoon. Josh and some buddies went on a 10 mile hike with weighted packs while the girls and I hung out. I got some presents wrapped and under the tree and am surprised that I have to tell B more often than Paige to keep hands off.

Brenna spent much of her Sunday singing. I love hearing, "Jesus loves me so, so, so..." and "Happy Birthday Dear Jesus!" Apparently she had a lot of fun in nursery/Sunday school today. I was told the reason she didn't color her picture was because she was busy being Mommy to baby Jesus. And this evening she asked if she could knock on the table, we assumed it was a knock knock joke and, of course, allowed it. But to our surprise when we said "hello?" as per instructed, she told us "there was no room in the house [inn]." If you ask her if baby Jesus was born in a stable she will correct you and say, "He was born in a manger."

It's been a lovely weekend, thank you Lord!

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