Thursday, December 10, 2009

Rave: Jenni!

I've been thinking a lot of my sister Jenni the past couple of days and I'm really trying hard to pray when I feel so moved, especially when someone random pops in my head. But after a few days of thinking of my sis, praying for her and missing each other on phone calls I thought I'd share with you just a little about Jenni!

To put it short and sweet, this is my current fb status:

I love my sister! She's one of my best friends, a role model and someone I strive to be more like. She has stood beside me in my quest for a relationship with Christ and has never faltered where I was concerned. I am blessed to call her my friend and not only my sister by birth but also my sister in Christ. I love you Jenni!!!

But I can't leave it that short but it is sweet.

Throughout all the trials and tribulations in my life my sister has been there, not usually physically but no more than a phone call away. From boot camp to the Middle East, through divorces and babies, I've ALWAYS felt her prayers. And when I thought she was pushing too hard and told her to back off, I know she never gave up on me. I could feel her concern for me, I could hear it in her voice, but she did not waiver!

I want to write so much more but the words escape me. I know not God's plan for me or why He puts certain people in my life but I am so very thankful He gave me Jenni.

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