Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Adventure: 1am Wedgie Date

Daylight savings (I know its daylight saving but that just sounds weird) is really throwing Bear for a loop, B's had some issues but is getting back into the swing of things. I would understand if everything were thrown off by an hour but its not, the past two nights she's wanted to nap between 7 and 8pm and not being tired for bed until after midnight.

Tonight I had some laundry to fold so I left her downstairs with her dad since B was sleeping. While I was upstairs she decided to complain quite loudly and sure enough, woke her sister. 30 minutes later I finally get her to sleep and find myself face to face with a very alert 3 year old.

Its 1am, I'm totally pooped and very ready for bed, the crazy 1 year old that had been happy and singing for the past 4 hours is finally asleep and B announces she's hungry.

With Bear in bed and Daddy heading in the same direction, B and I head downstairs for midnight snack. Its at this moment I really miss processed foods thinking how much easier it would be if we had mini bagels. We open the refrigerator and she spots a bowl of cut up oranges but since they are for WoW, I cut B her own. She decides the floor is as good a place as any to eat her "wedgies" and just as soon as I give them to her she tells me she wants to share them.

I hope and pray we have many more wedgie dates in the years to come!


  1. Aww, wedgie dates! I love it. Don't you just crack up at the things these kids come up with?

  2. Yeah I thought you were having pantie issues at 1am. This story is such a let down.....


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