Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Babywearing Safety and My Friend Hy!

Undercover Mother

This is my friend's blog, she is a babywearer and one of the leaders of the Lake County Babywearers, a group devoted to helping caregivers learn the art of babywearing and how it applies to their lives.

I was wanting to blog about the Infantino recall and the warnings that will soon be all over the news but, of course, Hyacynth said it more eloquently then I ever could.

So if you don't know Hyacynth or don't yet follow her blog, please let me introduce to you...



  1. Oh, Rose, you are so sweet to link to the babywearing post. I'd love to read your own personal thoughts about it, too. :) Thanks for the sweet compliment.

  2. I'll comment on yours since that's where the action is. ;0)


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