Saturday, August 7, 2010

Bigger Picture Moment: I Walked a Mile

Take a step back and take in life!

Bigger Picture Moment

Today I had the chance to experience my husband's chore and bare his burden for a little bit. The old saying of "walk a mile in their shoes" really struck a cord this morning, giving me a new appreciation and respect for my husband.

What did it take, you ask.

I mowed!

I actually got to walk where he normally does.

Now I know some of you are thinking, big whoop, but it was big for me. This is the biggest yard I've mowed as an adult and quite frankly, it's hot here, even in the morning.

Yet my husband does it, without complaint. And keeping in mind the house we're renting was vacant for some time before we moved in, he had a small forest to cut down the first couple times mowed.

And the bugs... Oh the bugs!

I didn't realize how big our yard really is. I knew the back yard is big but I had forgotten we have a front yard, berm, and two sides that have to be mowed as well. With little hills, holes, ruts, and a whole bunch of bushes daring you to come closer so they can scratch you with their prickly leaves. Did I mention the holes? They are cleverly disguised voids in the ground waiting for a solitary mower wheel, and given the chance it will hold on.

And the ants... Oh the ants!

I really enjoyed it though, as hot and sweaty as I was getting, it was soothing. It gave me good thinking time and helped me get my thoughts straight. Pushing to and fro, enjoying the leisurely, yet productive, pace, my mind was able to wander in and out of story ideas, plan trips and completely take in the scents and colors surrounding me.

Soothing, that is, until a thorn caught my ankle. I came to a stop to remove it, lifted my pant leg to find an ant, holding on to dear life with his little pincers. (I now have a slightly painful bite mark on my ankle).

But the battle of the bugs is a whole post in its own!

For now, I will remain so very thankful for my husband and our yard.


  1. i love mowing my yard. in fact its my job! granted i have a riding mower but i have had to use my neighbors push mower a few times. Yesterday was the first time i let mr phill come along for the ride. takes a little longer when you can only stear with one hand but he really liked it. i take great pride when i am done and look at my yard knowing that i made it look that good.

  2. Mowing the lawn and jogging are two of my favorite ways to clear my mind, however, both are much less enjoyable with the heat and bugs. I'm so ready for fall!

  3. Ants can be battled quite easily - grits. Yes, the breakfast meal. Sprinkle a bit of grits on the ant pile and say "bye bye". It's cheaper than ant poison and less hazardous!! What happens is the ants eat it and when they drink water, the grits expand and they explode (because grits grow in water).


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