Tuesday, August 24, 2010

A Rambling Reply

A reply to Sarah's post (I found I was rambling so I thought I'd share it here).

While I have no actual snapshot to share my snapshot...
The day began about 30 minutes earlier than Momma would have liked but both girls were up early, prodding me to get out of bed.

Since yesterday was a grocery day, Little Bit was all too pleased to see apples almost spilling over their crystal home (don't ask me why I keep my apples in a crystal bowl, I needed a bowl and it looked pretty). One pealed for Little Bit and one washed for Big Bit, I congratulated myself on putting off breakfast for a few more minutes giving me a little more wake up time.

But alas, I forgot, apples = energy! I discovered how quickly I can put on a pot of coffee.

Armed with my cup of joe, I sat back and watched my girls rediscover a clean sun room, with all toys put away in their proper homes (I had a busy night last night).

I finally put them at the table with their breakfast and enjoyed some facebook time while they ate.

We've been enjoying a non script day.

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  1. Ah, those early mornings :) But girl, peeling an apple is hard work for early mornings! Go you!

    I'm glad you 'rambling' comment led to this post :)


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