Sunday, August 22, 2010

The Sunday Creative: Orient {or Reorient as it were}

Thank you Madeline, this was especially challenging and fun.

The Sunday Creative

Walking down a path
Staring at my feet

Seeing the sky reflected in the ground
A mirror

Feeling much like Alice
Can I simply step through

Walking upside down
Life is feeling lighter

Still on the path
But is it truly the same

Step by step
Wondering and wandering

Which side is real
This path or the other

Is this reality
Still upside down

Although lighter
I see happiness on the other side

No happiness here
No sadness, no joy

Can I simply step back
Like M.C. Escher stairs

Right side up
Right side up


  1. a lovely poem. i am not as good with words, so i use photos. great job!


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