Friday, August 6, 2010

Internal Debate: Preschool

To send or not to send?

Why do I feel this need to make sure my child can write her own name at the age of 3??

I have to ask myself, why would I be sending her? Curriculum? Social interaction?

For me, it comes down to comparisons and keeping up with the Joneses really. A friend tells me her child can tell time, I freak and think I haven't even tried to teach mine to tell time. Another tells me hers is writing her name. Oh goodness, I think, B only knows her name starts with a "B". What disservice am I doing to my child... My mind reels.

So I did it, I put B on a waiting list for our local preschool and didn't feel good about it. I then spent the next week feeling ill at ease, I pondered and analyzed not sure why I wasn't as excited as she.

Then the major question of why I'm sending her falls into my head. Since we've moved she hasn't really made any friends and I see school as a way to make friends and an opportunity to play with kids her own age. I also see preschool as a place for her to learn how to write, read, count...

Then what have I been doing? B and I have been going through work books for a little while now, working on her tracing, writing letters and numbers. Why does she need to go to school to learn what I'm already teaching her? And more off, why would I pay someone to not only do what I can but not give her the one on one I can.

As for the social aspect, after a long conversation with my sister, she reminded me B will be fine if she doesn't go to school. We'll make friends, she'll have people to play with.

Then the other stuff began to fall into place, I remembered MOPs. I love MOPs, it's my sanity. She would get to play with kids her age there and I would get to fellowship with other ladies.

Here's the kicker...

Josh and I have talked, since B was a babe, about homeschooling our kids. It's something I've wanted to do as long as I'm able and they're willing. Why all the sudden am I wanting her in school just so I can homeschool in a year or two?! It made no sense.

For me, I think it comes back to the Joneses and the fact that all of my friends, and her friends are in or going to preschool. I support my friends and their kids. This is just what we're choosing to do with our kids. I have absolutely nothing against public or private school. I simply support education, in whichever form it may take.


  1. I'm SOOOO feeling you on this one. Seriously, we need to talk on the phone tomorrow or whenever you have time. I'm having the same internal debate and same feelings of wanting to homeschool ... so why am I thinking about this?!
    {I'll tell you -- it's got some to do with VBS and G having had a stellar time this week.}
    Love you!

  2. Oh my stars, I just typed a response roughly the size of your original post....suffice it to say I agree. wholeheartedly. I'll save you from the length and verbage lol

  3. "I pondered and analyzed not sure why I wasn't as excited as she."
    If she wants to go to school, why would you keep her from going? School is such a big part of life. We are fortunate enough to live in a country where every child has the opportunity to attend school.
    I just don't understand why anyone would homeschool unless all of the schools in their area are bad or their kids are having difficulties in a classroom setting for some reason.
    You learn more than just ABC's and 123's in school, and school prepares you for the real world more than your mom can. I personally think I would resent my parents if they had not given me the opportunity to go to school.

    Please do not take any of what I said personally. It's just how I feel about homeschooling in general. You are a phenomenal mother and you are going to choose what is best for your children. I wouldn't agonize over pre-school. I send E-Ray because he enjoys it and it gives me a little break. Yes, he can spell and write his own name, but he didn't learn that at school. I taught him that this summer. That note he wrote for Brenna was only the second time he's written his name all by himself. :)

  4. When my kids are school aged, if they decide they want to go to school instead of being homeschooled, I will support that. Of course, as long as we're in a good/safe district. When I asked B why she wanted to go to preschool, she said she wanted to learn the stuff we were already working on. I asked her if she minded if I was her teacher and she was excited about that. When I told her she would be able to play with kids at places other than school she was okay with that as well.

    We moved when I was in high school and I ended up going to three different high schools. Some classes transferred some didn't, physics at one school was totally different at the other and I ended up behind. I love the idea that if they're homeschooled and we transfer, which we will, their curriculum will not change. There are so many more reasons I'm choosing to homeschool.

    Ally, we LOVED E-Ray's letter. That was so awesome and it made B feel very special.

  5. Three different high schools? Ugh. What a nightmare! Have fun teaching B, but don't forget to take some breaks for yourself sometimes.


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