Friday, February 19, 2010

Another vent, happier ending

So yesterday I felt disconnected and cranky, today I had a chance to reconnect and got to deal with Cranky!

6:30 in the morning she's throwing a tantrum! Is there something in the air? I had planned on calling a couple people today to see if they wanted to come over for a play date then B happened. She snatched a toy from her sister, so I took it away, she demanded the toy back from me then talked back to her father...Upstairs she went and that's where she stayed, until she made herself sick, yelled down that she was calmed down and would like to be sick in the downstairs bathroom... okay.

Nothing like a 3 year old acting as if the world should revolve around them to help you to understand the world doesn't revolve around you either.

Anna called and invited me to coffee, so Paige and I went to meet her and Grace (thank you Josh for keeping B).

On the way I observed quite a few people lost in their own worlds paying no attention to what was going on around them. A train was blocking the road so quite a few people were turning around heading the other direction. No big deal normally, but some of these people were making U-turns in the middle of the road no where near the backed up traffic. Really?! You can't drive the extra 20 feet to a drive way and turn around there?
I get to the parking lot and it was almost lunch time so there weren't a lot of parking spots. I was getting ready to pull into one when a woman gets out of her car, no big deal, I'm patient for the most part. She then opens her back door and I see a car seat, okay, I totally understand what it's like getting kids out, don't mind waiting. But she doesn't get a kid out, she gets a piece of paper. Then puts the paper on her front seat, all the while chatting on the phone totally oblivious to the fact that someone was waiting to pull in. When she finally closed the doors, she slowly walked through the open parking space. I was annoyed by this point.

But how easily it all fades away when your favorite neighbor kids is waving at you through a window, she was so very excited to see Baby Paige! Anna and I had a great visit, Grace played with Paige, who was in heaven, she does enjoy being the sole recipient of someones attention.

Paige is sleeping, Brenna is having quiet time. Ahhhhh!

Warm sunshine smiling
Longer days and warmer nights
Flowers soon to bloom

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