Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Topic Worthy Wednesday: Politics

My Topic Worthy Wednesday has to be politics on this, the day after Illinois primaries. Although I don't want today to be about the issues but the process itself.

Do you follow politics? If not, why not? If you do, what started your interests? Do you partake in the political process, voting, campaigning, what not?

I must admit, even as an adult I could have cared less about local/state politics, until I became a parent that is. When I was pregnant with B, Texas was deciding whether or not to make Gardasil a mandatory vaccination for girls going to public school and I was shocked! Gardasil had just been approved by the FDA and Texas was in an uproar. As to keep the issues from being the issue I will not state my opinion in this matter. Being that I wasn't living in Texas at the time and haven't been there since I don't know what ever came of the mandatory vaccination.

Coming to Illinois really got me engaged in local/state politics. Blagojevich and Tony Rezko were at the forefront when we moved here and I got sucked in like well written soap opera.

From there I began enjoying finding out about the different parties and politicians running. I began doing my homework so I wouldn't walk into the polls blind. And yes, I did go to the polls. I believe I do have a voice and a vote!

One of the neatest things I discovered is where I stood on different issues. I have always claimed one side more than the other but in my search and research I found my own opinion. Some issues I'm more one sided than the other, yet on some issues I still haven't decided where I stand. That is exciting to me.

When I was on my journey I was blessed to have one of my husband's friends to converse with. He and I don't see eye to eye on much but every time we talked it was with civility and respect. I enjoy talking politics with people who are able to control their emotions and not make it a pissing match. I believe in discussions with other you can learn more about the issues and it can force you to do more research, to not only give you a stronger foundation on which to stand but to look at the other side as well.

Billy, I don't know if you follow my blog but thank you! I will always value your opinion and will always be willing to talk the issues with you!


  1. Love politics! Mostly because I love that I have a voice and not everyone in the world is so lucky.
    And funny how becoming a mama makes us a little more interested, huh?

  2. Politics is a very new interest of mine. It began with the last presidential election. It was so fascinating, so overwhelming, and so annoying! You really couldn't avoid politics. It was everywhere. I would like to learn more about it. I'd like to take a political science class when I go back to school just to further my understanding.
    My last blog post was actually about politics and I was so proud when I spoke to my mom on the phone and she told me how impressed my dad was with my blog post. Not because it favored any specific political views, just because of the way it was written. :)
    I don't really enjoy discussing politics with friends because most people seem pretty set in their ways and I don't like to argue.


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