Sunday, February 28, 2010

Adventure: Gardening

Josh and I are starting out on a new adventure...

We went to Home Depot and bought two Topsey Turvys, one for his peppers and one for tomatoes and herbs. We also bought an indoor herb garden. This evening we planted all the little seeds in what will be their home for the next couple months until they're mature enough and it's warm enough to move them outside. So now our kitchen is serving duel duty as a kitchen and as a green house.

Josh is so excited! He's even started a blog dedicated to his new gardening adventure. I think this is his first time gardening. Although he has helped me weed flowerbeds. I don't know that I've ever grown food but I've done plants and flowers. I'm interested to see the differences.

Should be exciting...

Tiny life awaits
Snuggled in the warm darkness
Wanting to emerge

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  1. we have truly enjoyed gardening :) the topsy turvy needs a VERY tall shepherds hook ours was 72inches and ended up w/tomatoes hanging on the ground! It was CRAZY. Jeremy is going to use his for peppers this year, since it's lighter weight and a shorter plant overall. I am getting the itch to start planting, we've never thought to start things inside...what a fantastic idea! we might just have to look into that too :)


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