Sunday, February 7, 2010

Update: Paleo Diet/Life Change

My husband has started blogging! Check him out!

Our lives have changed quite a bit since January, nothing dramatic but change none the less.

He started a new diet while the girls and I were in Oklahoma visiting my fam. The girls and I are slowly but surely working our way on to it. I view it less of a diet and more of a life change, especially since I haven't (and wont be for some time) giving up all the grains he has. For the most part, we don't eat processed foods. It's was strange not buying boxed meals, stovetop and whatnot, or canned veggies. I'm missing the convenience of throwing pasta and sauce together at the last minute and calling it dinner, but I don't really miss pasta. I must say I love the flavor of fresh veggies cooked into things. And the Paleo Pancakes we made this morning were wonderful!

I've been feeling great since I've cut out so much junk and I've even lost a little weight. I find I get headaches if I eat too much wheat (we had a cheat night with pizza and bread sticks and my head was killing me the next day!) and dairy no longer bothers me. I've even had some ice cream without a stomach ache. I went almost three weeks without a headache and in the world that is me, that is HUGE!

I want to add exercising to my changes but I find it so incredibly hard to get up early in the morning. One day I'll stop making excuses and just do it!

(My goodness I'm rambling, I can tell it's after midnight!)


  1. That's great! I wish I had the motivation to do that. When Rick's deployed I live on frozen and boxed dinners, so my diet is the exact opposite of yours! lol! Good luck with it. I'm so glad you can eat dairy now without it bothering you!

  2. How awesome. I am like Ally though, I like convenience too much especially with our hectic lifestyle. I hope it continues to work for you guys!!


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