Thursday, February 25, 2010

Peace Signs and Polka Dots

I dressed Paige in what I thought was a matching outfit, it wasn't. But she looked cute regardless!

For my fellow Dave Ramsey followers:

Does living like no one else mean being lonely like no one else?

Am I the only one feeling like this?
This is one of the moments I dislike facebook. Between all the scheduled little parties to hearing about all the fun people are out having. Dinners and girls nights outs... I love getting invited (makes me feel wanted) but I could not even imagine how much I would have to budget.
We're trying to stay true to our debt snowball and keep gazelle intensity and we're doing really good. But I feel out of the loop.
Seriously, is anyone else feeling like this? Is there anyone that has been through this and is on the other side?

I am looking forward to the day we get to yell, "WE'RE DEBT FREE!!"


  1. Yes! I do feel this way. We are trying to get out of debt, too, but every month I find that I'm budgeting for a birthday or holiday ... so on.
    But I do feel like God wants us to connect with our loved ones and also enjoy ourselves. That doesn't always have to mean spending money, but we budget accordingly. Does that make sense? Also, I love doing free things for connecting ... babywearing and AP meetings ... small group. :)

  2. I had to cut back on parties,stay home more etc,because it was taking away from money we could spend doing stuff with my family etc.Now i am learning to sell to buy something i need or actually want!


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