Thursday, April 15, 2010

Adventure: Imagination

I had to marvel at my B's wonderfully amazing imagination this evening. I've always loved her ability to entertain herself while playing with her toys but tonight was a new high.

Recently we purchased The Princess and the Frog and of course she loves it, she's been limited to watching it not more than once a day. The majority of her pretend play has involved the characters and story line, but tonight...

The girls and I went to Target this evening. She was allowed one item from the dollar section, but she decided she'd rather spend her one dollar on a toy. So up and down each isle we went, scouring prices in attempt to find her a one dollar toy. With no success and the rest of our shopping complete we headed back to the dollar section. While she decided which pack of princess stickers she wanted, I placed a plastic sand bucket on Little Sister's head. With much delight, Big Sister decided she wanted a bucket too. With buckets in tow we purchased our wares and headed home.

Barely out of Vernon Hills I hear from the back seat, the familiar names of Tiana, Ray and the Shadow Man. I couldn't help but laugh! How on earth a plastic bucket and shovel can transform into a waitress turned princess and wicked dark magic man, I will never know.

But I know my daughter's imagination is magnificent and inspiring! I will never again look at a bucket and shovel in the same way.

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