Saturday, April 17, 2010

Nursing Merriment

Not all will see the humor in this but I know a couple will!

My more vivid dreams usually occur within an hour or two of my waking for the day. Sometime after Little Bit has joined us, occasionally after the sun is up and B has wondered into our room as well.

This morning I was having the strangest dream in which my left side kept leaking. I kept going about my normal dream activities but no amount of pressure stopped it, no breast pad contained it. It was so bizarre!

I eventually woke up and found, to great astonishment, Little Bit attached, nursing in her sleep! Apparently I feel asleep after she began her morning feeding.


  1. It's funny how the mind works! Gabbey use to have her morning feeding in the bed with me as well. Before Brian came home from his deployment, the dogs slept on the other side of us to keep her well protected. They were such good dog Mommies. One morning I got Gabbey latched on and nodded off. Apparently, she finished eating and fell back asleep as well. When I awoke from what I thought was her latching back on, to great astonishment, I found the Beagle licking the breast milk off. DARN DOG CROSSED THE LINE!!!

  2. Lol! Now at least you didn't have a dream you were leaking pee and actually peeing. :)


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