Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Rant: Infantino, I'm disgusted!

It's not often I read something and am so moved to write but it happened just now.

Read the sales pitch here

Are you kidding me? “The other mommies will hate you because of your lack of self-esteem!” This is their selling technique? Make you feel like you’re the worse mother ever so you buy their product?!

As a babywearer, I love seeing carriers go mainstream and cast in a good light. That being said I will never again buy Infantino! It my opinion (well of course It’s my opinion, it’s my blog) that all this company cares about is their bottom line. They knew there was a problem with their bag style carrier (there were plenty of complaints from concerned mamas) and it took them years to pull it. Now they’ve taken a great design, that of a standard Mai Tai carrier, and soured it by saying if you don’t wear your baby they’re going to grow up and hate you!?

I wear my children for a multitude of reasons and not one of them is so the other moms will think I’m cool.

Infantino, you should be ashamed of yourself! You’ve lost me as a customer.

I love the warning: Never leave baby unattended.


  1. Its not Infantino that was advertising it like that, it was Woot! Really, they advertise all their stuff like that..

    Though I wouldn't buy a infantino either, I think that these carriers look safer than the bag style they had.

  2. I thought when I read the link April said that it was Infantino, too. She told me otherwise today. But I'm in the same boat as you and Carol -- not buying from Infantino. No way, no how.


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