Thursday, April 1, 2010

Adventure: Arachnid Identification Ramble

While I sat here getting ready to type a tale of the fun I had today I was struck with an odd question: Do spiders hibernate?

See, I was getting ready to tell of the fun I had today and the fact that I'm happy to say I've purchased my first Miche Bag. (For my local ladies, if you're looking for a representative, check out Ashleigh.)

Some how or another I ended up in the kitchen talking to Josh when I spotted a spider and promptly squished it. Immediately after I did it I thought to ask him what kind of spider it was. I don't know if you've ever tried to identify a spider (or any bug) after you've flattened it, made it even smaller and completely disfigured it but it doesn't look much different than dirt. Lucky (can it be called luck?) I spotted another transversing my kitchen and Josh was able to see it as he squish it.

I asked what was up with the spiders and Josh hypothesized that they were coming out because it was getting warmer. When I asked why they weren't outside, he suggested that is where they were trying to go.

That's when it hit me, "What do spiders do all winter?"

After a little on line research I've learned, yes, some do hibernate and some don't live that long.

I didn't really go much further than that. I made the mistake of attempting to identify the spider I had previously annihilated and now have the creepy crawlies and keep flinching whenever I see anything out of the corner of my eye.

Do you think they know they have the power of psychological warfare?

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