Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Creativity Boot Camp: Day Four (Heavy Metal)

Our Random Word Prompt for today really threw me for a loop. I spent all day mulling this over in my mind. What type of inspiration could I get from "Heavy Metal"? What did it mean to me? What images did it evoke? I was stumped! I kept coming back to music, the Christian rock my husband listens to, how he and I are alike and different, the separate yet similar journeys we've been on. Then I realized, I kept coming back to my husband.


He brought us together
From miles apart
Two souls long searching
Attached at the heart

He gave us each other
To have and to hold
For better or worse
From now till we're old

I have no idea
The plans He has for me
As long as we're together
My joy you'll always be

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