Wednesday, June 9, 2010


In this world of preoccupation and hectic schedules, where multi-tasking has become an art form and people no longer take pause to smell the proverbial flowers there stands one who is attempting change. We call him Hercules!

The day I first spotted Hercules, I sat, amazed, watching people stop their busy lives, pausing the chaos because he was in the way. They could have gone around or worse yet, hit him but they didn't. For just that moment the world didn't revolve around them. Some looked puzzled, others amused but they looked. They all took that moment to witness the absurdity of a wild turkey calmly crossing the road in the suburban jungle.

Why did the chicken cross the road? We may never know, but if you get the chance, ask the turkey.

Hercules, as he's been fondly named by my clan resides on the corner of Green Bay and Rockland in Lake Bluff, IL. He can often be spotted hanging out on the corner, sometimes in the road, occasionally assisting a pedestrian. Sometimes he works from behind the scenes but, as you can see here, rain or shine, he's attempting to change the world one motorist at a time.

(Photo by Robin Snyder)


  1. He got me out of my car the other day! I must have put on a good show, waving my arms and yelling for him to get out of the road. I look for him everytime I go by:)

  2. This IS good. Nothing like a turkey crossing the road to make you put on the brakes and think about life at a slower pace. :)


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