Monday, June 28, 2010

A Safe Place To Rest

Sitting quietly
Two hearts beating

Beauty resting,
Warm and tired

Strength and gentleness
embodied in Daddy

Peace, stillness

Is it possible to love him anymore?

I do.

Holding his babe while she sleeps
There is calm, quiet

He is her protector
Her guardian

She is his love
His sweetness

They are my joy


Our Baby Bear was running a fever this evening and didn't nap well. He held her so I could finish dinner and that seemed perfect for her. Once dinner was in the oven I didn't dare disturb such a peaceful sight. Thank you Hyacynth for inspiring me to share this moment.

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  1. Oh, sweetness. Those moments. Sigh. I love watching the love between my boys and their daddy. Beautiful post. And you're writing. Talk about things I love ... :)


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