Friday, June 11, 2010

Creativity Boot Camp: Day Six (Fluid)

Today we've been challenged to use a different medium for our artistic outlet. I feel that I have been challenging myself, normally write in more of an essay format but since starting Creativity Boot Camp I've been attempting to write more poetry. But for today, I shall step out of my comfort zone, yet again, and take a stab at fiction.


She stood tall, back straight, head and chest up. She was resplendent with a regal air. Thoughtfully, she lifted her arms, closed her eyes and melted with the music. She began to sway side to side, she turned, the music lifting her leg as it bent behind her. She came out of her turn low, back leg extended, gliding back. Gracefully she skipped across the floor, the music quickening her pace. She leapt, like a butterfly on the wind, delicately she landed, bringing her arms in and spinning again. She spun herself across the floor completely lost in the music, time stood still. Life was perfect, in this moment, she was perfect!
A noise startled her and brought her back to reality. Had he been watching all this time? Her face reddened.
Thank you, he said.
She bowed her head and he turned and left.


  1. So lovely!

    Dance was also what I thought of when I read the prompt. Great job!

  2. Beautiful iterpretation of the word fluid. You painted a lovely scene, filled with emotion and beauty. Great short fiction!


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