Wednesday, June 30, 2010

A Realization

Tonight I find myself homesick. But it's not a location I long for, not even so much as a person. But a feeling, a security. The warmth and love which radiates from friends and family. The clever smile from a sister, a knowing hug from a neighbor. No words need be spoken, they know. They know my heart, almost as well as He knows my heart.

As I sit here, He reminds me, I have that warmth and security. And even though I'm missing my friends and family, I can simply close my eyes and in my heart I can feel the hug, the warmth.


  1. and know that in this exact moment I am praying for you and lifting you up. <3

  2. The saying home is where the heart is must have been said by a military wife. He right that you have warmth and security where you are but it is also the new family that you have come to love.
    I remember when my first military friend got married and moved to Washington I was so sad and missed her terribly. but as you somehow did you found her in great lakes and lindy because a part of your life. i guess that is the circle of life that is a navy wife. even though it had been 5 years since i had since her, when i came up there it was like yesterday except she had a baby and i had three.
    not to sound all cliche and all but soon you will have new members of the brun clan and they too will share in all the joys and sadness of your life. i wouldn't trade my life for anything and i am pretty sure you feel the same way.
    feel better soon and just remember that being homesick for those you love is just fine. its just a way for you to remember just how much those people have touched your life!


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